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Me and my Cats

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Me and my cats I love you

The couch

Their favorite spot is lying on top of me. If I'm restless they'll move to the closest spot nearby, on the couch with me. Notice the torn-up wallpaper (large picture only)? Guess who!

Cat on Zebra

Cats have left the rat race to humans, so they can nap. I've read somewhere that cats sleep about 14 hours per day. My cats don't care about statistics, they sleep even more than that.

Kiss pussy kiss

This is a rare event, they prefer to lick me instead of each other. I'm delicious, ofcourse. On the left Silly Cat, on the right Fat Cat. They're also known as TRE-27 and TRE-28.

Rolling about

Now, I've seen dogs rolling about in dogpoo and rotting fish. That's dogs for you. But why my cats? And why on a clean carpet?

On the stairs

A cat on the stairs is an accident waiting to happen. They don't always block the stairs, only when I'm carrying something and have no view.

In bed with toys

The basket is dobermann-sized, the biggest I could find. Personally I prefer to sleep without a clutter of toys in bed, but I'm not a cat, am I.


Fat Cat has made a new friend, a stuffed toy with whiskers in one of the guest rooms. It doesn't bother her that the lion is actually bigger than herself, it's nice and quiet and unthreatening, a good sleeping buddy.

Cat help

They like to help me unpacking things. This is Fat Cat playing with the packaging of the camera I took this picture with.


My cats are twin sisters from the same litter. They've been with me since they were 8 weeks old. The picture shows them at 4 weeks, together with their mother, brothers and sisters. Makes you wonder how all that came out of a single cat.

Who's this

The mother's owners assured me the kitten in this picture is one of mine. A little white lie, I'm sure, because they all looked the same to me. Even now I sometimes mistake one for the other. You can see the striping already, they are both european grey striped shorthair's.

Kittens on the couch

Playing together on the couch. Imagine how big a human must look to small kittens like these.

Toilet training

I have tried training my cats to use the toilet. They did, as this snapshot proves. But they refused to go if there was something waiting to be flushed. I am away quite a lot and could not always flush on time. So they relieved themselves elsewhere, to my chagrin. After a while I gave up and they now have a normal litterbox. Two in fact, one for each.

What's in there

They never go outdoors, they grew up that way and are used to it. But not much happens inside. So when a door or drawer opens they come running to see what's inside.

The Freezer

De-freezing the freezer. Great fun for hours, with the cold and wet and noise. Expensive toys mean nothing to them, they will decide for themselves what is fun and what is not.

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By Ann Harper.